Skorts & Shorts at Bergamot Station

This year, I'm keeping it local. After spending 2013 escaping Los Angeles at any chance I got, I realized it's about time I explore my city and start getting inspired closer to home (mostly because I'm still paying off the two trips to Europe I decided to take myself on last year. Who do I think I am???) So, after a year of neglect, I'm sticking around Cali with my artist friend, Tiffany, and heading on weekly excursions to add a tad of adventure to our work weeks! Whether checking out local exhibitions, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature in this sun-shiney state, we are making it our mission to get to know our city in 2014. 

Yesterday, T and I went to Bergamot Station. A once-was train station that now hosts a slew of art galleries in Santa Monica. Some exhibits made me cringe, and some made me wonder how one could charge $500 for a curvy line of graphite, but we took particular enjoyment in the colorful Jackson Pollack-esque paintings housed in the largest gallery onsite.

Here's a little photo diary of our visit...

While Tiffany took in the sheer hanging dresses, I contemplated the long velvet sleeve… this stuff is beyond me. Non, merci. 

Little Miss Matchy.

The painted library...

Giant flamingos and bizarro basketball nets always make my day.